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7746 - Automeris io lileth

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Egg cluster

Freshly emerged male

2nd instar larval cluster

General Species Information

Host Plant: Hosts in Keys include palms, grasses, Lignumvitae, Jamaican Dogwood

Historical Range:  South Eastern USA

Our Experience with this Species: Io moths are very common and show up consistantly throughout the Keys and appear in all months of the year. Males appear at lights far more frequently than do females. 

Notes: The male Io Moths of the Keys have a distinctly deeper orange color than do the males from the Florida mainland. Some concider this species a separate subspecies A. io lileth. Larvae of this species are covered with spines that have a very painful sting when touched. They should not be handled

Distribution Chart

K. Largo   Marath. Ba. Hond     B.P.K.   No Name  Sck. Isd.    K. West
Colored box indicates adult of this species has been confirmed on that island

Adult Flight Chart

  Jan.       Feb.     Mar.     Apr.    May     Jun.      Jul.       Aug.     Sep.     Oct.     Nov.     Dec.
Colored box indicates adult of this species has been confirmed in that month


Freshly emerged male 

Final instar larva

Freshly emerged male 

Freshly emerged female 

A. io form lileth (male) 

A. io form io (male) 

A. io form lileth (female) 

A. io form io (female) 

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