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8202 – Halysidota cinctipes,

Florida Tussock Moth 

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Freshly emerged adult

Freshly emerged adult

General Species Information

Host Plant: Florida Trema, Trema micranthum

Historical Range: Florida and the Caribbean

Our Experience with this Species: We have This species on Key Largo and on Big Pine Key in the following months: Feb, Mar, Apr, Jun, Jul, Nov, Dec

Notes:  This species has seemed to decline over the last 15 years having been more common in the 1990's than in present tiimes. Pupae have urticating hairs that have very sharp serrated edges that readily stick into human skin when touched. 

Distribution Chart

K. Largo   Marath. Ba. Hond     B.P.K.   No Name  Sck. Isd.    K. West
Colored box indicates adult of this species has been confirmed on that island

Adult Flight Chart

  Jan.       Feb.     Mar.     Apr.    May     Jun.      Jul.       Aug.     Sep.     Oct.     Nov.     Dec.
Colored box indicates adult of this species has been confirmed in that month


Freshly emerged adult

Final instar larva

1st instar larvae

2nd instar larva

3rd instar larva

4th instar larva


Final instar larva


Head Capsule

Freshly emerged adult

Urticating hairs from pupae on my nuckle after being careless when handling specimens. 

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