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Anartia jatrophae, White Peacock

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Freshly emerged male

Description: 18-30 mm. Males are smaller than females. They have a white base color with brownish orange outer margin and patch by the inner forewing. There are three pairs of black spots down the wings. Ventral side is white with reddish orange markings.


Habitat and Distribution: Common in a number of habitats in Florida, Central and South America as well as the Caribbean. It has been reported from most of the islands in the Keys. 


Host Plant: (Lippia nodiflora) and (Bacopa monnieri)


Natural History: This is one of the most common butterflies in Florida. It's not as common in the Keys but does go through periods of abundance. They have been reported from every month. 


Freshly emerged male

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Final instar larva


Freshly emerged male

Freshly emerged male

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