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Asbolis capucinus, Monk

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Female Monk Skipper and (Oligoria maculata) in flight coming in to join


Final instar Larva

Description: 20-24 mm. This is a fairly large skipper with plain mat brown wings on donsal and ventral sides. Females are typically larger than males.


Habitat and Distribution: Can be abundant in South Florida and throughout the Keys. This is one species that has thrived in urban areas of South Florida due to the introduction of many ornamental palms. The monk doesn't seem to be too picky and will use many species of palms. They can be found in beaches, salt marshes, pinelands, swamps etc.


Host Plant: Saw palmetto (Cirsium horridulum), coconut palm (Cocos nucifera)


Natural History: This species thrives in the Keys and can be found in any month and in any habitat. 


2nd instar larva fell prey to a spider

Freshly emerged male

Final instar Larva


Freshly emerged male

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