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Eurema daira, Barred Yellow

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Eurema daira, Barred Yellow

Freshly emerged adult

Description: 12-19 mm. This is a highly variable species that has different forms, each of which varies with wet and dry season forms as well. Males are typically either yellow or white with a thick black boarder on forewing and hindwing dorsally. They also have athick bar at the base of the forewing. Males of form "palmira" have a yellow forewing and a white hindwing. The black bar on the females is faint or not present at all. Ventral side varies from white to yellow to a rust-colored orange. 


Habitat and Distribution: The Barred sulphur is abundant throughout Florida and is widespread throughout Central and South America. It can be found in weedy fields, roadsides and hammock edges in just about every Key.


Host Plant: Pencil flower (Stylosanthes hamata)


Natural History: This species can be abundant in the Keys particularly in the late summer and fall but can be found in every month. 

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Eurema daira, Barred Yellow egg


Eurema daira, Barred Yellow larva

Final instar larva

Eurema daira, Barred Yellow pupa


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