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Kricogonia lyside, Lyside Sulphur




Lignumvitae - larval host plant

Description: 22-24 mm. What above with yellow tipped forewings. Bottom of the forewing is yellow. Ventral side is greenish-yellow.


Habitat and Distribution: This butterfly can occasionally be found on the boarders of the hardwood hammocks of the northern Keys.


Host Plant: Lignum vitae (Guaiacum sanctum)


Natural History: This species is migratory and probably appears as a frequent stray that temporarily colonizes from time to time in the Keys. There are however long periods when they are not seen. The best time to find them is from July - October. The host plant was heavily harvested for its dense and beautiful wood and is no longer a commonly found plant in the Keys. I have only confirmed the sighting of one adult in the Key in July of 2002 when I saw a female laying eggs on a lignum vitae tree planted in the parking lot of a restaurant in Key Largo.


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