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Lerema accius, Clouded Skipper

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Larval headcapsule

Freshly emerged adult

Description: 13-18 mm. This is a medium sized dark brown skipper with few white dots on the forewing. Males have a black stigma on the forewing. Undersides are quite unique from other skippers having a "cloudy" whitish patch near outer margins. Fresh adults can have a lavender sheen on the ventral side 


Habitat and Distribution: vacant lots, roadsides and weedy fields in most of  Florida and throughout the Keys


Host Plant: Grasses Panicum maximum and Setaria macrosperma


Natural History: Common throughout the Southern United States but uncommon in the Keys. They fly throughout the year.

Final instar larva


Freshly emerged adult

Freshly emerged adult

Freshly emerged adult

Freshly emerged adult

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