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Tmolus azia

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Tmolus azia

Adult on Bidens album

Description: 8-9 mm. This is the smallest hairstreak in the Keys. Dorsal side is dark gray with a sky blue patch on the hindwing. Underside is light gray with a row of small red dots on both wings. Tails are small. Sexes are very similar.


Habitat and Distribution: Extreme South Florida in weedy fields and roadsides where host plant grows. It has been found in the upper Keys in abundance at times. It also lives in the Caribbean and Central and South America


Host Plant: Lead Tree (Leucaena leucocephala) an exotic tree


Natural History: This species established in the Keys only recently, probably along with its host plant. This species goes though violent population fluxuations. There are times when months go by and they are not seen but then there are other times when they are the most abundant butterfly in a given habitat. 


Tmolus azia egg


Tmolus azia larva

Final instar larva

Tmolus azia larva

Final instar larva

Tmolus azia pupa


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