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8286 – Pseudocharis minima,

Lesser Wasp Moth 

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Freshly emerged adult

Freshly emerged adult

Final instar larva


General Species Information

Host Plant: Quailberry, Crossopetalum

Historical Range:  Southernmost  Florida, Texas and the Caribbean

Our Experience with this Species: This species showed up one time in Key Largo in a light trap but is a common regular in Big Pine Key and No Name Key throughout all months of the year. The slash pines of the southern Florida Mainland contain this species in abundance as it flies diurnally but also regularly shows up at lights. Its small size and inconspicuous flight make it very difficult to find on the wing. 

Notes:  The wasp mimicry of this species is remarkable. When observing it flying in nature it is very difficult, even for a seasoned lepidopterists, to differentiate it from a wasp. 

Distribution Chart

K. Largo   Marath. Ba. Hond     B.P.K.   No Name  Sck. Isd.    K. West
Colored box indicates adult of this species has been confirmed on that island

Adult Flight Chart

  Jan.       Feb.     Mar.     Apr.    May     Jun.      Jul.       Aug.     Sep.     Oct.     Nov.     Dec.
Colored box indicates adult of this species has been confirmed in that month


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