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8284.1 - Syntomeida syntomoides   

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Adult male collected on No Name Key, July 2013

General Species Information

Host Plant: Host unknown in the Keys. A live female was placed in a cage with leaves of sea grape, oleander and other species of plants and no eggs were produced in three days

Historical Range:  Lower Keys only

Our Experience with this Species: The day we found this species for the first time on No Name Key was an extremely exciting day - July 2013. There were three individuals that showed up at the lights that night. We returned to the same place over a dozen nights after that and never found another specimen until June 10th of 2016 when 5 individuals showed up in three different locations on No Name Key and on Big Pine Key. Jim Troubridge also found this species on Bahia Honda Key a few times in the month of July of 2013


Distribution Chart

K. Largo   Marath. Ba. Hond     B.P.K.   No Name  Sck. Isd.    K. West
Colored box indicates adult of this species has been confirmed on that island

Adult Flight Chart

  Jan.       Feb.     Mar.     Apr.    May     Jun.      Jul.       Aug.     Sep.     Oct.     Nov.     Dec.
Colored box indicates adult of this species has been confirmed in that month


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