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Calycopis cecrops, Red-banded Hairstreak

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Calycopis cecrops, Red-banded Hairstreak
Calycopis cecrops, Red-banded Hairstreak

Freshly emerged female

Freshly emerged male

Description: 11-14 mm. Mostly black on the dorsal side of the males. Females have a blue dusting on the dorsal hindwing. Ventral is gray with a bright red and white band with a large blue spot near the tails. There are two sets of tails on this species. 


Habitat and Distribution: Common in the Southern United States and can be abundant in Florida. In the Keys, they can be found in most of the islands in hardwood hammocks and disturbed weedy fields. 


Host Plant: unknown in the Keys


Natural History: This species is not as common in the Keys as it is on the Florida mainland but it shows up with regularity. 


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