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Hamadryas amphichloe, The Haitian Cracker

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Adult found in Tavernier in a parking lot July 2015

Description: 31-35 mm. Bluish gray above with black and white spots and a whitish patch on the forewings. The hindwings have a series of eyespots. 


Habitat and Distribution: Greater Antilles. It has been found in Florida a number of times. I saw one in Boca Raton in 1989 in a vacant lot. Most recently, we found one specimen (pictured above) perched on the branch of a fig tree in a parking lot in Tavernier in July of 2015. There was no Dalechampia vines (its reported host) anywhere close to that location. Thus it is likely not breeding in Florida and should be concidered a stray from th Caribbean.


Host Plant: vines in the genus Dalechampia 


Natural History: Crackers get their name from a clicking noise that males make when they fly. They rest on tree trunks facing upsidedown and hold their wings flat against the surface of the branch. They like rotting fruit and can be baited where they are present. 


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