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Libytheana bachmanii, Snout Butterfly

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Final instar larva

Freshly emerged adult

Description: 18-22 mm. The snout butterfly is a medium sized Nymphalid that has very long palpi giving the appearance of having a long "nose" or snout. Above is brown with orange patches on forewing and hindwing with three yellow spots on the outer forewing. Ventral side mottled gray


Habitat and Distribution: Forests of the Eastern United States. It can be somewhat common in Central and Northern Florida but has only strayed to the northernmost Keys on a rare occasion. 


Host Plant: Hackberries (Celtis sps.)


Natural History: This species is migratory and apprears in the Keys as it dispurses from northern portions of the state. It should be concidered a very rare stray to the Keys. Celtis species are not known to occur in the Keys making it unlikely that it has ever been a breeding resident. 


Freshly emerged adult

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