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Hermeuptychia sosybius, Carolina Satyr

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Freshly emerged adult

Description: 16-20 mm. Dorsally, this species is drab brown. On the ventral side it is brown again with a few dark brown stripes and four distinct eyespots along the outer margin. 


Habitat and Distribution: This species occurs in the Southeastern United States and occurs in Central and South America as well. It can be locally abundant in Florida. It has been reported from Key Largo


Host Plant: grasses such as Saint Augustine Grass. 


Natural History: There was a colony established for a short time in North Key Largo by the trash dump where small clumbs of St. Augustine grass was growing that likely got there in the trash. This colony is no longer present and this species is likely not breeding anywhere else in the Keys. 



Final instar larva


Freshly emerged adult

Freshly emerged adult

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