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Urbanus proteus, Long-tailed Skipper

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Adult Long Tailed Skipper


Final Instar Larva

Description: 20-25 mm - one of two long tailed skippers in Florida. U. proteus has distinctly darker bands on ventral side and green coloration on dorsal side. U. dorantes is a similar species  that is brown on top with cream colored dots on forewing. 


Habitat and Distribution: Widespread throughout the Keys and can be found in most months. They are more common in the fall months. They inhabit weedy fields and woods where host plant grows


Host Plant: beggers tick (Galactia striata), Desmodium incanum) and (Desmodium tortuosum)


Natural History: Adults can be quite common at times and frequently visit flowers in disturbed sites. They have a rapid flight but frequently rest making themselves somewhat approachable


Adult Long Tailed Skipper

Adult Long Tailed Skipper

Adult Long Tailed Skipper

Adult Long Tailed Skipper

Final instar larva (green) next to larva of U. dorantes (brown)


Adult Long Tailed Skipper

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