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Polygonus leo, Hammock Skipper

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Adult Polygonia leo male

Description: 22 - 25 mm. This is a larger species of skipper with obvious white spots on the forewing. When fresh, they have a nice iridescent sheen on the underside. 


Habitat and Distribution: This species flies abundantly in various habitats throughout the Keys where host plant grows and can be found flying throughout the year


Host Plant: Jamaican Dogwood (Piscidia Piscipula). Larvae are also fond of the exotic ornamental tree Indian Pongam (Pongamia pinnata


Natural History: Hammock Skippers fly commonly anywhere their host plant grows such as in hardwood hammocks, pine flats and salt marshes. Adults flight is rapid but they pause often to perch on the underside of leaves or to visit flowers. They fly quite comfortably in the depths and shadows of hardwood hammocks.



Final instar larva

Larva head capsule

Larval Host: Piscidia piscipula

Adult Polygonia leo male

Adult Polygonia leo male

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