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Ephyriades brunnea, Florida Duskywing

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Adult Male

Description: 15-19 mm. Adults are brownish black with white spots on the forewings. Females are lighter brown and have a purplish hew. They perch with their wings outstretched. 


Habitat and Distribution: This species frequents slash-pine habitats of the lower Keys and the Florida mainland. They can be found in all months of the year


Host Plant: Locust Berry (Byrsonima lucida) - can be reared on Barbados Cherry (Malpighia glabra)


Natural History: While this species occurs throughout most of the Caribbean, subspecies E. brunnea floridalis is found only in South Florida. While there are still very stable and healthy populations in the Keys, the limited range of this species gives cause of concern



Adult Female

Adult Male

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